To: All Employees

Subject: Washington’s Stay Home Order

On the evening of March 23, Governor Jay Inslee issued a Stay Home Order that goes into affect in 48 hours (March 25). What does this mean for our Caregivers and Clients?

The good news is that in home health care workers are considered “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers”. We can continue to serve our clients as usual. Please bring your Beneficial name badge with you to your shifts. Although the state has not given any indication that you will need to prove that you are working as an Essential Worker, this name badge will hopefully alleviate any questions.

The branch offices will remain open from 8-5 Monday through Friday, and you will be able to pick up PPE gear, paychecks, and turn in time sheets. Every branch has a hands off approach to exchanging these items and you will not be allowed to enter the branches. Please limit your visits to the branches, and be mindful and respectful of the staff who you are working with by keeping a six foot distance and leaving immediately.


We will  continue distributing paychecks as usual on Payday, but please consider signing up for Direct Deposit. The Direct Deposit form is on the ADP portal. If you do not need to come in on Payday, please stay home. Also, please check a recent paystub to ensure that you address is current, so that we can mail your paycheck to your home if necessary.

If you or a family member experience any of the following symptoms, please contact Human Resources immediately, and then call your doctor and your regional health department.


  • Upper respiratory infection symptoms, including runny nose, coughing and sore throat, and/or fever

You will not be added back to the schedule until you have been cleared by Human Resources. If your client begins experiencing these symptoms, keep six feet away from your client and contact Scheduling immediately to determine how to proceed. Case Management will contact you for more information and documentation. You will also need to speak with Human Resources for clearance to return to work.

Beneficial does not discriminate against or tolerate discrimination against any employee who may be exhibiting symptoms of a communicable disease/illness. Rather, we will attempt to address questions employees may have with respect to our policies regarding promoting a healthy workplace for all our employees. Thank you for being a dedicated employee of Beneficial, and helping us prevent the spread of communicable diseases/illnesses in the workplace.


Carrie Pierpoint

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