Common Questions:

Question: What is a home care worker?

Answer: Home care workers are those who, in or about a private home, provide personal care services to people who have functional disabilities, or those who are ill, elderly, or otherwise vulnerable, helping them perform “activities of daily living”, such as eating, bathing and, getting dressed.

Question: Do I need to have a degree or certification?

Answer: High School Diploma or equivalent is required.  Nursing certification is not required at time of hire. We offer paid training and allow employees to work while working on obtaining their credential with the Department of Health.

Question: Are benefits available?

Answer: Yes.  Benefits are available after a 90-day period. You have to work a certain number of hours within a quarter to qualify.

Question: Do I need a driver’s license?

Answer: A driver’s license is not required but recommended. An identification card is required if a driver’s license is not available.

Question: How much do home care workers make per hour?

Answer: During the hiring process our Human Resource Department will go over your hiring wage. This will differ depending on experience.

Question: Are there yearly wage increases?

Answer: Increases are not guaranteed but are evaluated with our home care agency CBA rate.

Question: Are vaccinations required?

Answer: Vaccinations are not currently a requirement of the position.

Question: Do I need auto insurance?

Answer: Auto insurance is not required for employment but is recommended to get more hours.  We will do our best to place employees with as many hours as we can; but most clients require transportation.

Question: Do I need a car?

Answer: A car is not required but recommended to get more hours as most clients require transportation.

Question: Do I need a background check?

Answer: Yes. Every employee will be required to do a name and date of birth check and fingerprints.  We are required to satisfy background check requirements under Chapters 388-71, 388-101, 388-106, 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97, 388-25, and 388-107.

Question: What will my schedule be?

Answer: Schedules are based on your availability and what is available to that match.

Question: How many hours per week do I have to work?

Answer: Hours are dependent on employee’s availability. Employee and scheduler will work together on this.

Question: How are home care workers matched with clients?

Answer: Home care workers and clients are matched according to individual client needs and caregiver skill levels. Schedulers work closely with both clients and home care workers to find the best match for both.

Question: What if I don’t feel like my client is a good match for me?

Answer: Employees can pull from any client at any time. To prevent client abandonment; we do ask that you try to finish the scheduled shift.

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